We Love Instagram !

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared photos with us via Instagram #makelovelocks . We have received photos from all over the globe and many from right here in NYC and the USA. Thanks so much for being a part of our site and we can’t wait to see all the…


Style Network Loves our Love Locks

We are so excited that StyleNetwork has chose our Love Locks to be a featured product and added us to their “It List” Be sure to check out the link on their homepage http://www.stylenetwork.com/articles/designyourown-love-locks/10524 If you’re particular about the look of your phone case and your portable coffee mug, why not extend that sense of…


Los Gatos Love Locks issue has been resolved

We are so pleased to hear that the Los Gatos community has come together with a proper solution to the Main Street Bridge Love PadLocks.

The Los Gatos Art Museum is offering people a place to attach these locks… Bravo!


Bucket List Brainstorm #1: Add A Love Lock To A Bridge In Paris

One of my favorite travel blogs Trip-Logic.com posted a great article about adding a love lock to a Parisian Bridge.  Check out the full article at http://www.trip-logic.com/bucket-list-brainstorm-1-add-a-love-lock-to-a-bridge-in-paris/ [blockquote]What is Love Lock Bridge? No one is quite sure where the tradition of the love lock originated but love lock bridges have sprung up in cities around the…


Maine romantics latch on to love lock idea

[blockquote]Dozens of locks on a waterfront fence in Portland attest to devotion and to the spread of an international custom.The “love padlocks” are strung along a chain-link fence on Portland’s waterfront, names and proclamations of adoration scrawled on them: “Becky and Clint.” “I (heart) Kate + she (heart) me.” “Dick + Nez.” “Greg + Cabo.”[/blockquote]…