New International Shipping Options

Great news for all our International Love Locks customers , we have added the option to ship your engraved padlocks with USPS First Class International Service. Shipping time will be slightly longer but it offers a great value for our clients.

New Fonts Now Available

Great News! We have decided to expand our font library to help Make your engraved Love Locks even more unique. We have added 9 beautiful hand written fonts that are sure to make your next love padlock standout even more. With currently over 200 hand drawn pieces of clip art, 35 fonts and 7 bold colors to…


Maine romantics latch on to love lock idea

[blockquote]Dozens of locks on a waterfront fence in Portland attest to devotion and to the spread of an international custom.The “love padlocks” are strung along a chain-link fence on Portland’s waterfront, names and proclamations of adoration scrawled on them: “Becky and Clint.” “I (heart) Kate + she (heart) me.” “Dick + Nez.” “Greg + Cabo.”[/blockquote]…


Love Locks popping up in Columbia County Georgia

We love sharing more and more United States love padlock locations, and this one is located in Columbia County, GA Follow this link to the source COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.–You may have heard of the famous “love lock” bridges scattered around Europe. Lovers sign a padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into…


Love Locks on the Purple People Bridge

Love Locks on the Cincinnati Purple People Bridge are actually improving the bridge.

Pagan believes vandalism is down on the bridge “because young people have a vested interest in the bridge” due to the love locks.


Read the full article at


Love Lockdown in Europe

If you love travel, fashion and food you  need to visit this fantastic blog… Thanks Amanda for the great post [blockquote]My current obsession in Italia seems to be locking down all across Europe. During my travels to numerous countries, I am finding these adorable acts of love everywhere imaginable. I can’t help but stop…


Los Gatos Love Locks issue has been resolved

We are so pleased to hear that the Los Gatos community has come together with a proper solution to the Main Street Bridge Love PadLocks.

The Los Gatos Art Museum is offering people a place to attach these locks… Bravo!