In early September, Forth Road Bridge, in Scotland, celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  To commemorate the special event, a spectacular fireworks display and luminous torchlight procession were held on September 13, during the Forth Bridges Festival. See incredible pictures of the celebration here.

The bridge is central to many commuters, as it connects Edinburg (at South Queensland) to Fife (at North Queensland). In fact, the bridge currently carries over twice its predicted traffic and weight and has benefited Scotland’s economy tremendously. However, due to its heavy use, the Forth Road Bridge will soon be joined by a new bridge in 2016, the Queensferry Crossing. Once this bridge is finished, the Forth Road Bridge will be dedicated to public transportation, walkers, and cyclers, significantly reducing traffic and allowing the bridge a hard-earned break.

Only recently have love locks begun popping up on the Forth Road Bridge. With the construction of the Queensberry Crossing and decreased car traffic, the Forth Road Bridge will surely continue to be a prime spot for love locks. This bridge holds a lot of history and has been pivotal to Scotland’s economy and population. Pair its history and success with its stunning views and it is undoubtably a perfect place for couples to honor their affections in the love lock tradition.