“Take me to Paris, let’s go there and never look back.”

Metal hearts flocking to the city of lights and love.


“Take me to Paris, let’s go there and never look back.”

Metal hearts flocking to the city of lights and love.

Built between 1981 and 1984, the Pont Des Arts bridge stands holding declarations of love on its chain linked fence. Romance is strong in the stars above bowed heads awaiting a touch of affection. These couples personalize a public statement of love in their metal padlock inscribed with initials, dates, and sharpie doodle hearts. They seal the lock with a kiss and a key, tossing the way to unlock their locked love into the depths below. Their love is forever with the lock visible to romancers passing the bridge and with the key at the bottom of the river Seine.

Being a home for committed love, wedding proposals and matrimonies pulled out of fairy tales have a place here. With street vendors selling locks on and around the bridge, lovelocks prematurely decorated find a place on a neighboring bridge named Pont de l’Archevêché. With this bridge being a nest for lovers, newly kindled couples find lust in the youth of first kiss lips.

Both bridges serve as popular tourist spots in Paris, giving couples an opportunity to publicly lock up their love and throw away the key. The nine-arch metallic footbridges are hot spots for couples and families on vacation to memorialize their time spent together in the city.

“When good Americans die, they go to Paris.”

Oscar Wilde

Famously inked on paper, the Argentinian author Julio Cortázar writes about the bridge in his book “Rayuela”. Over the years, the Ponts des Arts was featured in movies like “Boudu Sauvé Des Eaux” and “Amelie,” forever promising its reputation as the most romantic spot in Paris.

The Pont Des Arts bridge occasionally transforms into a place for art exhibitions supporting painters, artists, and photographers. Standing as a piece of art itself, the structure frames any work of creativity with its chain links covered in graffiti locks. The beauty of the bridge is also celebrated and enjoyed during frequent summer picnics.

Known as the city of lights one can find love or lust in the metal hearts clinging to the bridges of Paris.

“We’ll always have Paris.”

Howard Koch