I cried about it. We paid for things already and I really wanted to be a winter bride so badly but I guess the spring will have to do. Wayne can’t get off of work until the end of the season. I may as well let it be known that we are already Married. We had to get married ahead of time for it to be legal anyway since we are getting married out of the country. We didn’t say our own vows purposely because we were waiting for that to be the special part about getting married December 27th (aside from my gown and etc). I’m sad about it but I did pray for Wayne to get (1of) his dream over anything. I guess I got what I prayed for. I guess everything can’t go smoothly. That’s life and seems like that’s what marriage is about so far… SACRIFICE and compromise. This lifestyle (following your dreams) comes with many tears, stress and etc but it’ll all pay off in the end. This is a picture of the lock we had made in April for the lock bridge… Yup, The wedding is in Paris (been planning since Feb.).Originally we were going to be there for Christmas Dec 22nd- January 6th. Only good thing is the team is going to send us away with a nice wedding gift for changing the dates. Sn: thank you to my few friends and family that knew everything but didn’t say a word. The shower is still November 22nd. Invitations coming soon. #sacrifice #marriage #compromise #sadface

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