1. Good good! Long time no see! So much exciting news. Your brother got married. You got engaged and soon to be married. Tons of awesome news. I seriously love your lock! We were in Paris in February and we left the lock bridge for our last day as a farewell to Paris (as a couple, cuz I had been before) and my husband got really sick with food poisoning and we didn’t make it. I was so sad. 🙁 now we have no choice but to visit beautiful Paris again 🙂 @silvaats

  2. @anidanieli you have to! Paris is gonna be our new pit stop area anytime we visit Europe. Biggest dream come true ever. He made our lock at makelovelocks.com and we took it with us. You can custom make yours too!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Not everyone does. I appreciate it. I’m exactly like that too. A walking talking advertisement for anything and everything I love. Love to share it with people. People often ask me “An, do you get a commission or something” and I’m like yeah right, I wish! I’m just being nice and sharing. 🙂 @silvaats

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