February 14th

A known time of public lip-locks, arrow piercing, and engraved hearts of devotion.

Metal hearts across the globe celebrate February 14th with a leap of faith, a key thrown to the seas, and a fence cherishing the weight of lovers everywhere.

Typical gifts of love on Valentine’s Day include a classic candle-lit dinner, a box of chocolates, and the occasional musically wired stuffed animal. A unique Valentine’s Day gift is the idea of having a treasure hunt between a couple. With words giving hints like, “Look where we first met,” a Valeninte’s Day gift that’s customized deeply for the heart.

Another Unique Valentine’s Day gift  is a padlock. A love padlock. Lovers everywhere might want to celebrate their adoration for their mate and attach a lock to a bridge somewhere around the world.

So, this Valentine’s Day, lovers mount their love on gates in celebration of Cupid’s special day. With metal hearts devouring candy hearts in “To: From:” Hallmark boxes, true love is expressed commercially and publicly once a year as part of a multimillion-dollar industry.

Since ancient times, mid-February has always been linked to sex and fertility. A bond that represents an eternal love of humanity. Celebrate this bond with other lovers from all over the globe who lock their love on gates in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

In these current year we see this age-old tradition of love locks clinging to gates, fences, and bridges. Love Padlocks are a modern (and metallic) Valentine’s Day Gift. The trend, taking place in Paris, Venice, and Cologne, sees individual lovers locking custom made padlocks on bridges and train station gates. Occasionally, lovers leave the key in the lock until they can return to their cherished location.

Whether it be Valentine’s Day, special anniversaries or romantic, spur-of-the-moment occasions, custom made  locks decorated with intertwined hearts and personally engraved initials are made to document lasting memories.

Valentine’s Day Lovers move mountains with a true love that is directed outwardly toward another, for the world and seas to see. For love locks to hold onto a concrete love that can last forever. Because love should be unselfish, it is not focused on getting or taking, but instead is centered on the desire to give. Just as Valentine’s Day comes every single year, the locks remain on the chains for a love that will endure.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Metal Hearts








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